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: Moorish palace in Granada, a limited number of visitors per day is allowed. The palace consists of 3 parts: Alcazaba, palace of Charles V and the Casa Real.

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Castle of Calahorra

: Lacalahorra above the town with a magnificent view at the Sierra Nevada.

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: Picturesque village with cave dwellings and a distinct cathedral with different construction styles.

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Sierra Nevada

: High mountains (national park) with the Mulhacen as the highest peak (3482 m).

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: Beautiful Moorish garden next to the Alhambra. The highlight is the Patio de la Acequia, a long pond in the courtyard of the palace.

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General Information Granada

Population:884.099 (2%, 17e)
Density (people/km2):70 (23e)
Area (km2):13.496 (2,6%, 14e)
Main cities:Motril
Sun hours in winter:6
Sun hours in summer:12
Tourism (%):2 (14e)
Bed places per km2:2 (21e)
Landscape:high mountains, coast
Highest elevation point:Mulhacén 3.478 meter

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Land use Granada

 Forest   3208 km2 
 Other nature   4241 km2 
 Agriculture   4829 km2 
 Grassland   227 km2 
 Water   120 km2 
 Urban area   31 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (C) and Precipitaion (mm)

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