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Plaza Mayor Salamanca

: Beautiful large square built by Felipe V. Other top attractions are the old (vieja) and new (nueva) Cathedral, Clavero tower and the museum of art deco.

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Castle Buen Amor

: Near Topas town 25 kilometers north of Salamanca.

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Ciudad Rodrigo

: A sleepy town with a lovely parador and a cathedral.

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Alba de Tormes

: Town just south of Salamanca with remains of the castle Dukes of Alba.

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: Small fortress town northwest of Salamanca.

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General Information Salamanca

Population:351.326 (0,8%, 38e)
Density (people/km2):28 (37e)
Area (km2):12.350 (2,4%, 16e)
Main cities:Béjar, Ciudad Rodrigo, Santa Marta de Tormes
Sun hours in winter:4
Sun hours in summer:11
Tourism (%):0,8 (28e)
Bed places per km2:0,8 (32e)
Landscape:high plain
Highest elevation point:Canchal de la Ceja 2.435 meter

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Land use Salamanca

 Forest   1180 km2 
 Other nature   1898 km2 
 Agriculture   5080 km2 
 Grassland   3832 km2 
 Water   334 km2 
 Urban area   23 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (C) and Precipitaion (mm)

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