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: Largest city of the Basque Country with the absolute top attraction the Guggenheim Museum. Other attractions include the Bilbao Fine Arts museum and the Palacio Euskalduna.

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: This place is especially famous for the bombing in the Spanish civil war by the Germans in 1937. This is painted by Picasso in his famous painting Guernica (visible in Madrid).

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Santimamiñe caves

: Five kilometres northeast of Gernika are caves with 13,000 year old drawings of bison and other animals.

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General Information Vizcaya

Population:1.141.457 (2,5%, 9e)
Density (people/km2):515 (3e)
Area (km2):2.217 (0,4%, 49e)
Main cities:Getxo, Barakaldo
Sun hours in winter:3
Sun hours in summer:6
Tourism (%):0,8 (27e)
Bed places per km2:4,6 (12e)
Landscape:coast, mountains
Highest elevation point:Gorbea 1.481 meter

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Land use Vizcaya

 Forest   1785 km2 
 Other nature   70 km2 
 Agriculture   174 km2 
 Grassland   30 km2 
 Water   0 km2 
 Urban area   52 km2 

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