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Tourism Europe

Portal to Europe:General facts and figures country Spain.

image photo of the flag of Navarre
Tourist map of Navarre (clickable): scale 1cm= km
Navarre Tourist map of Navarre

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1- type 

Javier castle

: Pilgrimage site for Saint Franciscus Xaverius.

2- type 

Monastery of Leyre

: 50 kilometers east of Pamplona.

3- type 


: Known for the running of the bulls during the festival of San Fermín.

The weather and climate

1) Current weather in Pamplona (temperature, precipitation).

2) Weather forecast Pamplona

3) Weather forecast for tomorrow (meteo online - spanish radar for precipitation): see left.


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General Information Navarre

population: 605.876 (1,3%, 15e)
density (people/km2): 58 (13e)
area (km2): 10.390 (2,1%, 11e)
cities: Artajona, Estella, Olite
sun hours in winter: 3
sun hours in summer: 10
tourism (%): 0,8 (16e)
bed places per km2: 0,9 (13e)
landscape: mountains, canyons, river valley
highest elevation point: Mesa de los Tres Reyes 2.444 meter
News from Navarre.

Spanish news

Youtube Navarre video - motion pictures

Land use Navarre

 Forest   5222 km2 
 Other nature   394 km2 
 Agriculture   4668 km2 
 Grassland   102 km2 
 Water   46 km2 
 Urban area   17 km2 

Climate: Mean temperature (°C) and Precipitaion (mm)

Weather forecast  

Weather Pamplona, Iruña